NHL Betting Online USA

Ice hockey’s intense action and speed has made it one of America’s most popular sports, and its National Hockey League ranks as the country’s fourth major sports leagues.

The 30 team-strong league’s season runs from September until June, giving bettors numerous NHL betting opportunities, beginning with the Exhibition Season.

This season, in which league teams play against each other and against teams from other countries, is followed by the Regular Season. During this season, which runs from October to mid-April, each team plays 82 games.

The Regular Season is followed by the Post-Season Stanley Cup Playoffs, between April and June.

Bettors can enjoy various NHL betting options on these exciting games using their laptops or PCs. Signing up at the top online sportsbooks can be completed in moments, and accounts funded using easy and secure banking methods.

These sites also offer hefty bonuses and other rewards, as well as apps for mobile devices such as iPhone and Android, so betters can put money on matches when on the go.

Even though ice hockey is hugely popular in the US, it’s not often thought of as a game to bet money on. More and more bettors are discovering just how exciting NHL betting is, but even so, wagering can be daunting at first.

The game’s speed and unpredictability can be imposing, and the best way to combat this is to watch ice hockey games. Bettors can do this easily, as many games are broadcast on TV and web sports channels.

Doing this will help bettors recognize when teams gain an advantage through penalties, something known as power plays; and when player lines change, known as line changes. These can influence the bets placed on the game going forward.

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Online NHL Betting Options

The best US online sportsbooks offer bettors a great selection of online NHL betting options that can be used in various combinations to help increase the chances of a payout.

Thanks to internet betting, bettors can make use of these options when at home or at the office, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

One option very popular among bettors in the US are Totals bets, which is a bet placed on the total number of goals to be scored in a match. Another popular betting option are straight Moneyline bets.

Puckline bets also provide thrilling betting action. With these bets, one team receives a goal handicap from the online sportsbook.

Another exciting betting option found at some of the best online sportsbooks is known as the Grand Salami. Bettors place wagers over or under the total of all the goals scored in all the games on a certain day.

Enjoy Winning Opportunities in the NHL Betting Now

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