About OnlineBettingUSA.biz

OnlineBettingUSA.biz has been created to assist Americans with finding the best possible bookmakers online. This site is dedicated to informing you about the top betting sites that accept those from within the US and offer you a warm welcome that includes generous bonuses and special promotions. We know that for US bettors it can be hard to choose a site that meets all your requirements so we’ve done the legwork and found the best options for local sports and racing fans.

Online betting in the US is incredibly popular and with mobile betting becoming increasingly readily available there are so many betting sites popping up. Some of these are older and more established and have earned themselves an excellent reputation over time, whilst others are brand new and are hoping to gain market share in a burgeoning industry. To make sure you only bet with the very best we’ve created a review system that our team of experts uses to ensure you always have access to the best betting action online, in a  safe, secure and fair regulated environment.

Our Review Process

To ensure that every betting site we suggest to you is 5 star we’ve created a review process that intensively assess a site and all that t offers. This reviewing process has been refined and reconfigured over time, especially as mobile offering started to emerge from some of the biggest brands. When we review a site just some of the categories we check include:

  • Odds
  • Markets
  • Prices
  • Bonuses
  • Security
  • Software
  • Deposit Options
  • Support
  • Licenses
  • Interface
  • Mobile Optimized

If all of these areas achieve high marks then we compare them to other betting sites of the same caliber and work out which ones make the grade. By reviewing each site intensively we are able to ascertain whether they will suit Americans exacting needs and we spend a couple of weeks putting  a bookmaker through its paces to ensure that it lives up to expectations long-term. We therefor only recommend betting sites that we’d wager at personally and that we’d choose for ourselves.

Our Review Team

At OnlineBettingUSA.biz we’ve brought together a team of passionate, dedicated betting experts who have been involved in both the online and offline industry for years. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge they want to share with you and all the information you find here is supplied to you, free of charge. We believe in sharing our experiences and promoting the sites that offer the best in betting opportunities, as this encourages other bookmakers to raise their standards and improve their offerings. An exceptional betting experience is what we are always after and we want you to enjoy the same.

Our team is made up of American online bettors as well as a few internationally based contributors who assist in the comparing of sites to ensure that they are always world class. We want to obtain the best al-rounded perspective on the industry and we do this by including bettors from across the globe who can offer feedback about what they are accustomed to, and we can weigh this up against what Americans are able to access. Thanks to our broad outlook we can confidently say we bring you the best betting sites in the business.

Should you wish to contact our team please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.