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Cricket is a game most Americans are not familiar with. To many Americans it is a game that is similar to baseball and has a funny set of rules. While not prolific in America, Cricket is the national sport of many countries and has created an army of diehard fans around the globe. International competitive cricket is mostly played in the commonwealth countries including England, India, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Because of its international appeal, online cricket betting has become one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world. With games broadcast or streamed live, anyone in the states can place a bet and watch the action live.

In order to understand cricket betting, the first thing a US bettor should know is the various types of cricket games that can be played. First-class or test cricket is one of the oldest forms of the game and is considered to be a true test of endurance and skill. Since the game can last for five days, bettors should be aware that at any time during the five days the game could end. As happens fairly often, test cricket can end in a tie after 5 days of competition. For those who are looking for a quicker game and faster betting results, one day or limited overs cricket is the way to go. In these games each team is allotted 50 overs in which to complete their runs. For even more action and speed, bettors might be interested in the increasingly popular Twenty20 matches where teams only play 20 overs and the game only lasts for a maximum of three hours.

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Legal US Cricket  Betting

It may not seem like it, but cricket is a game that can be easily understood in just a few minutes. For US sports fans, it is advisable that bettors fully understand the rules of the game before placing any sizable bet. It is also a good idea to check out the international cricket rankings of each country. Many countries have a world class batsman or bowler that when playing can dramatically change the result of the game.  Bettors should be well informed on the history and team match statistics of prior games. Other important factors to consider in cricket betting are injuries and home ground advantage. These factors can play a vital role on which team has the physical and psychological advantage on the day.

 Cricket Betting Online USA

In online cricket betting, there are many types of bets available for US bettors to choose from.  For beginners the best way to start is by predicting which team will win or lose. More confident and experience cricket bettors can also choose to bet on which player will win man of the match, as well as which player will hit the most fours and sixes. Other exotic bets include the toss winner, the top batsman, the best bowler, as well as the maximum score per innings. Cricket betting can also be done prior to a tournament where bettors bet on the winning team of the tournament. If you are interested in cricket betting, you can get started right away. To make things easy for you, you can find a complete list of the best US online sports betting sites right here.