Online Golf Betting USA

Bettors in the US enjoy exciting golf betting opportunities at the top US online sportsbooks, including betting on local and international tournaments.

One of the world’s most prestigious sports, international golf tournaments attract players of the highest quality. The number of bettors swells during the tournament, and huge sums of money often change hands.

By signing up at one of these betting sites, you can enjoy the chance to get your hands on some of the cash, as well as exciting promotions, sign up bonuses, and easy account funding options.

All you need to experience the freedom of betting on golf from home or while on a break at the office is a desktop or laptop computer, and an active internet connection. Most sites offer the option of downloading software, while all allow for on-site betting.

The Tournaments: Online Golf Betting at its Most Exciting

Bettors in the US and around the world wait for the big annual international golf tournaments with baited breath. The participating players, superstars in the golf world, offer amazing odds and mesmerising skill on the course.

Major US golf tournaments attract international interest, and include, among others, the Masters Tournament, the US Open, and the PGA Championship. Among the top international tournaments are the British Open and the Australian PGA Championship.

Bettors will also have the option of putting money on second tier tournaments and pro-am events.

Online Golf Betting Options

The two golf betting options most often used by bettors in the US are Tournament Win bets and Match Up bets. These and other betting options available all offer a chance at a real money payout, and they can all be enjoyed from wherever you can conveniently use a desktop or laptop computer.

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When a golfer is on a winning streak, savvy bettors often place Tournament Win bets, and luck plays a big part in these. When one golfer does not outshine the rest, these bets can be tricky because of the volume of tournament entrants.

Bettors place Match Up bets on player match ups selected by the online sportsbooks. Bets are placed on the match up the bettor thinks will be the most rewarding. Usually, these payouts are influenced by which of the two players is placed higher in the tournament.

Enjoy the Freedom of Online Golf Betting

Online golf betting gives bettors in the US the freedom of real money betting without the inconveniences associated with land-based bookmakers.

Bettors have no need to travel to a bookmaker, or worry about operating hours, to place real money bets. Nor will bettors need worry about visiting a bank to fund their accounts; this can also be done with a few clicks of the mouse.

These top betting sites accept a range of banking methods, including credit cards and e-wallets, for making secure deposits.

Discover How Exciting Golf can be with Online Betting

Golf is not usually thought of as an exciting game, but all that changes when there’s money on it. Betting money on a golf game or tournament means every swing, every putt becomes immensely important.

Try online golf betting today, and gain a different and potentially rewarding perspective on this great classic sport.