Free Bets Online in the USA

In the USA, online sports’ betting has become increasing popular. In today’s busy society, not many people have the time and energy to visit the race track or local sports game. With online betting, sports fans can log on and place any number of bets on multiple games any time they want.  It doesn’t matter if you are traveling or sitting at home, with internet betting all you need is a computer and an internet connection. With the introduction of mobile betting, sports fans now have even easier access to online betting. But perhaps the best part of internet betting is being able to take advantage of the numerous free bets and bonuses that online sports betting’s sites offer.

Why Offer Free Bets

So what is in it for the betting site, why do they offer free bets? Well, betting sites are like any business, they need to beat the competition and since they cannot drop their prices, they offer bonuses. One of the best ways for a bookmaker to draw in a new bettor and retain his business is to offer unbeatable sign-up deals and continuing promotions. There is no guarantee that any bettor will stick with a particular sports booker but at the end of the day, they have succeeded in getting you to place a bet and experience their service.

Types of Online Free Bets and Bonuses

There are a number of different types of free bets and bonuses that online book makers offer. Most of them are focused on acquiring new members. The following promotions can be found at most US online sports betting sites:

  • Deposit Bonuses – This is probably the most common type of free promotion that bettors will come across. In order to qualify for this promotion, bettors have to sign up with a particular online betting site and make a deposit into their betting account. In return the betting site will match their initial deposit amount usually up to a limit of $200.
  • Free Bet Bonuses – A bet bonus is a type of free bonus given to a bettor when they place their first bet. This is usually a numerical value such as $15 for every $100 a person bets. This type of promotion can also be offered as a match bet where the site will match the first amount of bettors first bet.
  • Sign-up Bonus – This is one of the best types of free bets. A sign up bonus is similar to a deposit bonus but does not require a bettor to make a deposit. The bettor is rewarded simply for creating an account. Online betting sites usually reward bettors with a small free deposit that bettors can use to place on any bet offered at the site.
  • Birthday Bonuses – This is a fun promotion designed to reward bettors on their birthday. In most cases the betting site will deposit a small cash amount into your online betting account for you to place a bet on any sporting event that day.
TOP betting SITESMay 2024
1 IE allowed5/525% Bonus up to $1000 Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/550% Deposit bonus Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/525% Bonus up to $1000 Bet now

Where to Find the Best Free Bets

At the end of the day, the more a person bets the more rewards they will earn. Each site will have a different promotion to try and make it stand out from the rest. Most bonuses also have a very strict set of betting rules that need to be adhered to before you can withdraw your winnings. If you would like to know where to find the best free bets and bonuses, you are in luck. For your convenience we provide you with a list of the top US sports betting sites that offer the most generous free bets right here.