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Basketball is one of America’s favorite sports, and the National Basketball Association dominates the scene. This great sporting institution has seen many of the sport’s greatest players rise up, and its world renowned for the quality of the sport it oversees.

Online NBA betting gives punters the freedom of placing real money bets on action-packed basketball games at their convenience. Great betting options can be used to increase the chance of a payout, and accounts can be funded with a few clicks of a mouse.

Whether you log on via PC or laptop, you can enjoy top quality betting action, along with bonuses and other rewards, day or night.

NBA betting is usually available throughout the year, but it’s during basketball season that the pace really picks up. Over the course of a few months, the association’s 30 teams play around 82 games.

The season comes to a head with one of the US’s biggest sporting events. Betting during this time offers heart-racing excitement, with changing odds, teams battling it out on the court, and the atmosphere buzzing with excitement as fans declare allegiances and punters think quick to place strategic bets.

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Mobile NBA Sports Betting

Notable events during the season include rivalry games, the All Star Game, and the Finals.

Some of the best betting is to be had on rivalry games, the best of which are usually between long-standing rivals such as Lakers and Clippers, Knicks and Nets, and Celtics and Heat.

The All Star Game is one of the most popular on the basketball calendar, attracting some of the sport’s legendary players, and offering fantastic online NBA betting opportunities. Many punters enjoy placing Prop or Totals bets on this often high-scoring game.

The season reaches its high point in the Finals, and this is true when it comes to betting as well. The biggest game of the year is a chance to win big; something that requires place well thought-out bets.

The post-season games often see players change tactics, but generally offer lower over/under totals than in-season games.

NBA Online Betting USA

The first step to successful online NBA betting is to read up to date information about team results, players’ performances, and game schedules. Most of the top US online sportsbooks offer some information, which punters can easily supplement with the great basketball coverage on TV and online.

Punters have a selection of betting options at their fingertips, and one of the most popular of these is the straight Win bet or Money Line. This bet is very popular among beginners and people who don’t bet regularly. It is simply a bet placed on the team the punter thinks will win.

Another popular bet is the Point Spread bet. Online sportsbooks offer punters a levelled wagering number by spreading points. In basketball games, the points usually range from 190 to 210.

Over/Under bets or Total bets, and Prop bets are also popular among punters in the US.

Legal NBA Online Betting USA

You can enjoy top quality NBA betting action today. Sign up as a punter at great online sportsbooks, fund your account using methods such as credit card or e-wallet, and bet on the best basketball now.